Home Visits

We have far better facilities for examination and treatment in the surgery compared to the home. We look after approximately 11,600 patients who live across 16 square miles. Time, a scarce medical resource, is wasted when spent travelling around in cars.

For both these reasons, facilities and time, we expect patients to come to the surgery in almost all cases so that the doctors can be most usefully employed to provide patients with a better service. Please do not ask for a home visit unless the patient is genuinely too ill to come to the surgery. This may be confirmed over the phone by a doctor or our practice advanced paramedic before the visit is agreed.

If the patient has a temperature or rash, coming to the surgery would do no harm and arrangements can be made to isolate infectious cases.

If a home consultation is unavoidable, please telephone 01276 857 117 between 08:30 and 10:00.

Unfortunately, with home visits, we cannot guarantee you will be seen by a particular doctor or the practice advanced paramedic.