Clinics and Services

The practice runs a range of health promotion clinics and medical services. Appointments are necessary for most clinics – check with reception staff if uncertain. The practice acknowledges both male and female sensitivities when intimate examinations are necessary.

We have well women appointments at Chobham and West End surgeries, where both a female doctor and nurse are available for consultation. Male patients can request to see a male doctor when they make a routine appointment. Patients can have access to GPs and nurses across both surgeries.

Breast Screening

Breast self-examination is encouraged. Mammograms are performed every 3 years from the age of 50 – 70 years old, and you will receive a routine invitation from the Jarvis Centre.

Cervical Smears

This is a vital test to prevent the development of cervical cancer and detect it at an early stage. We recommend all women from 25 – 50 to have a smear test every 3 years, and for women 50 – 65 every 5 years. Clinics are held at both Chobham and West End surgeries. These are mostly done by the practice nurse in her surgery. If for a particular reason you prefer your own doctor to perform this test in their normal surgery, this can be arranged. Smears can also be taken in the well women clinics.

Disease Management Clinics

Several clinics are available for specific conditions and to help increase your awareness of good health and leading a healthy lifestyle. For details of these clinics please contact reception.

Immunisations and Flu Vaccinations

It is important to keep vaccinations up to date in adults and children. Patients in ‘at risk’ groups and those over 65 years of age should consider a yearly flu immunisation, and also a ‘once in a lifetime’ pneumococcal vaccination. Both are free under the NHS.

Minor Surgery

Many minor surgical procedures are undertaken at the surgery to save long waits for hospital treatment. Consult your doctor first to discuss whether the operation is necessary and to arrange an appointment for the minor surgery clinic.

Travel Vaccinations

If you require any advice regarding vaccinations relating to foreign travel you will need to fill in our travel risk assessment form. Please submit it to the practice at least 6 weeks before travel. This will include which countries and areas within countries that you are visiting to determine what vaccinations are required.

A practice nurse will then contact you, to let you know which vaccines you require.

We only provide vaccinations that are free on the NHS, some travel vaccinations are dealt with on a private basis and you will have to get these from elsewhere our nurses can advise you on this as well.